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Screens physician orders/prescriptions/drug policies to guarantee dispensing of pharmaceuticals, identification and correction of potential allergies and drug interactions/incompatibilities.
Prepares, checks and dispenses:
System dose and typically dispensed medications.
Outpatient prescriptions and patient discharged medication.
Floor stock demands.
Compounded, manufactured and repacked items.
I.V. Admixture medications e.g. TPN, and large volume.
Pharmacist "I" should be senior in his/her responsibility for precise filling of all medication and ought to be at a level as a good source of restorative details.
Coordinates pharmacist "II"/ pharmacy technicians ready medications for precision and quality prior to dispensing in all areas.
Coordinates pharmacist "II"/ pharmacy specialists and pharmacy supportive personnel activities in the work areas and assists in preparing work schedule.
Guarantees the pharmacy and other predesignated areas of drugs are stocked, equipped and preserved in accordance with proper policies.
Monitors inventory of pharmacy stocks occasionally.
Implicates policy and treatment of medication expiration short-dated and overstocked pharmaceuticals and schedules the proper utilization of these medications.
Participates in medical facility and the pharmacy continuing education program.Works on special projects as designated.
Supplies medication information to medical/nursing personnel.
Actively participates in patient and household education.
Presumes designated area of responsibilities in the lack of the direct manager.
Carries out month-to-month assessments of medication storage areas rather than the pharmacy.
Performs other relevant tasks and responsibilities designated within the world of his/her understanding, abilities and capabilities.
Participates and participates in quality activities.Implements and sticks to applicable laws and regulations like neighborhood, administrative and departmental policies and treatments.
Report any incident not consistent with the operation of the health center or requirement of service for patients, staff members or visitors.
Adheres to appropriate safety precautions and infection prevention and control.
Actively participates in the promo and application of patient and family rights.

Pharmacy job descriptions

Pharmacy job descriptions

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