September 23, 2022

Job Description

Compounds and dispenses medications and
prescriptions in accordance with accepted standards and established Pharmacy
procedures. Counsels patients.
  Essential Responsibilities and
  1. Performs professional work in
the compounding and dispensing of medications in unit dose I.V. admixture.

 2. Reviews and interprets
physician’s drug orders for clarity, rationality, dosage form, allergies,
interactions, incompatibility, etc. Answers physician’s inquiries regarding
  3. Maintains control and security
of all drugs including dispensing, record keeping and secured storage of
narcotics and controlled medications.
  4. Dispenses outpatients
 5. Prepares and/or supervises the
preparation of TPN and I.V. admixtures including chemotherapeutic agents.

 6. Provides drug information and
assists in instructing nursing and medical staff and pharmacy students.
 7. Performs inspection of nursing
units, discusses service problems with Head Nurses, and recommends solutions
to Pharmacy Manager.
 8. Serves as a role model and
represents the department in a professional manner.
  9. Trains lower graded
  10. Participates in self and others
professional development.
  11. Follows all hospital related
policies and procedures.
  12. Performs other related duties
as assigned.
  Pharm.D., Master’s or Bachelors
Degree in Pharmacy, (non-North American approved program) from an accredited
college of pharmacy or Pharm.D from a (North American accredited program
ACPE)) is required.
  Experience Required
  No experience with Pharm.D. (North
American accredited program ACPE), two (2) years of experience in hospital
pharmacy/relevant retail with Master’s, PharmD (non-North American approved
program), or four (4) years of similar requirements with Bachelor’s Degree is