Pharmacy Manager

September 23, 2022

Job Description

Job Summary

A Pharmacy Manager manages the provision of high quality, safe, comprehensive (clinical, supply, financial and operational) pharmaceutical services in the Pharmacy and Clinic. The manager is expected to act as a role model in line with corporate objectives which includes an in clinic pharmacy and digital platform working together.

The manager will manage pharmacy processes and clinical pharmacists who work closely with healthcare professionals to decide upon the best medications to treat patient symptoms. It is a job that requires extensive medical and pharmaceutical knowledge specifically for Diabetes.

Pharmacy Manager Duties and Responsibilities

In addition to the normal duties of a pharmacist, as listed at the bottom of this document, the manager will have the following additional responsibilities:
Ensure the pharmacy rota is completed monthly with adequate staffing and vacation coverage (with the approval of the Medical Director and HR representative.)
Ensure the pharmacy staff have clocked in and out each shift and are accurate monthly
Pharmacy processes and documentation are complete, accurate, and timely, including, but not limited to:
Inventory lists
High alert medication lists and processes
Sales recording
Petty cash
Quality metrics
Committee participation and attendance
Policy revisions and updates
Device Management
Diamond Management
Insurance Management
Ensure new Pharmacy staff are trained and competent to fulfill the responsibilities of pharmacy staff as outlined in the JD.
Provide input into the evaluation process of pharmacy staff
Be prepared to cover pharmacy operations during emergencies and unplanned absences of pharmacy staff.


Education and Experience
Able to work with minimal supervision in a fast paced environment
BS in Pharmaceutical science, MPharm (Masters degree) is an advantage; Holds a DHA license
Experience in hospital pharmacy or equivalent are of practice; Experience in Clinical pharmacy or Medication safety or related area
Ability to remain calm under pressure and apply sound judgment while working with high- volume/high-expectation participants
Effective communicator, able to work in a close- knit team and cooperate with all medical and paramedical staff.
Excellent interpersonal and customer service skills. Able to maintain helpful, caring and courteous relationships with participants
Ability to manage and oversee multiple tasks simultaneously, ability to prioritize tasks based on degree of urgency
Excellent analytical and problem solving skills. Ability to develop solutions and recommend changes and follow through with implementation