Technical Lead 

October 13, 2022

Job Description

Job Description  
  This is a remote position.
    As we grow our product and
engineering team to help build the next generation of our platform, we are
looking for an engineering lead that will become a subject matter expert and
a leader of our engineering efforts.
    You will take charge of our
engineering and product development efforts. Working closely with our CEO, UX
design agency, and product manager, you will design, architect, and launch
complex new features and systems. There is also the opportunity to focus more
formally on engineering management in the future.
   Who You Are
    You have a track record of
building high-performing engineering teams.
    Your goal is to deliver quality
solutions on time and guide people toward decisions when they have varying
perspectives and ideas.
    You think critically about what
you build and why.
    You’re hands-on and 
    You believe the best product is
the one that helps users accomplish their goals while growing the
    Taking on new learning
opportunities is important to you.
    You’re excited about the
challenges of leading and growing an engineering team at an early
    You’re comfortable wearing
multiple hats. You enjoy working in a fast-paced startup environment and
taking ownership of your tasks.
    You are driven to make a lasting
change in other people’s lives.
    Manage a small but growing team
of full-stack and ML engineers
    Help in spec’ing features and
their priority
    Communicate technical
requirements to other members of the engineering as it relates to the
execution of problems and issues
    Work with the growth and product
teams to set timelines for feature completion and create transparency around
their progress.
    Review code for acceptance
criteria, robustness, style, and maintainability
    Promote a culture of engineering
excellence and continuing education within our team and across the
    Work individually with team
members on their personal growth.
    Plan how and when to upgrade our
infrastructure and toolset, and address technical debt in collaboration with
other senior members of the engineering team
    Maintain best practices to ensure
platform uptime, stability, and responsiveness, and implement new policies as
    Drive velocity and identify ways
we can increase velocity overtime
    Run daily standups
    Contribute high-quality code of
your own, working on issues and product
  RequirementsMust Haves
    Minimum 5+ years of full-time
software engineering experience
    1+ years of experience as an
engineering lead on a team with at least 3+ engineers
    Experience in hiring world-class
    Interest in the product design
and development process
    Experience maintaining production
    Familiarity with or experience in
our current tech stack: Python/FastAPI, Typescript/React, SQL/Postgres, AWS
(experience with 75% of the tech stack is preferred however candidates with
experience in other frontend and backend technologies may be
    Demonstrated ability to develop
full-stack web applications and experience working with both internal and
external APIs
    Ability to ramp up quickly and
own features end-to-end
    Bachelors in Computer Science or
   Nice to Haves
    1+ years of experience as an
engineering manager
    Experience with Machine Learning
and AI
   Within 1 month, you’ll…
    Work directly with the CEO to
learn about the business, product strategy, and dive into our core platform
services’ inner workings and codebase.
    Start shipping code in your first
    Start building relationships with
engineers on the team and collaborate with the CEO to transition engineering
lead responsibilities.
    Ship a mid-sized engineering
project to the platform
   Within 3 months you’ll…
    Have a robust understanding of
our core platform codebase and comfortable with diagnosing issues that come
    Own technical design and project
execution for the team, delegating this work to other engineers on the team
when appropriate
    Build multiple significant
features end to end and have an effective cadence of balancing committing
code and managing your direct reports
    Identify opportunities for
improvement of our product and technical infrastructure.
   Within 6 months you’ll…
    Achieve platform defined OKRs on
engineering dependability and velocity
    Become the subject matter expert
in our engineering team
    Build a high-performing
engineering team and have fortified strong relationships with each engineer
in our team
    Introduce new frameworks and
tools to help optimize and elevate the work of the company
    Competitive salary with
meaningful equity
    100% remote work now and in the
    PTO and flexible working
    Twice-yearly performance
    Annual offsites and regular
virtual events
             I’m interested