Senior Frontend Engineer 

October 13, 2022

Job Description

Job Description  
  This is a remote position.We are
expanding the functionality of our web application based on market
requirements and customer feedback, and are also building integrations with
platforms like Chrome, Shopify, etc. So, we are looking for a Senior Frontend
Engineer who can understand our domain, research the market, own the frontend-side
of our platform and drive development from the ground up.You’d build critical
features from the ground up, and deliver 5x faster than you have at previous
jobs. We’re looking for someone who is serious about building, and who can
wear many hats.Your day-to-day work will directly influence how customers and
partners interact with our products.What you’ll do
    Take ownership of Writesonic’s
frontend, all the way to deploys, monitoring, debugging, and overall
    Research the market and
competition, and come up with new features or ways to improve the
    Ship major features often,
iterate on those features and build out our core infrastructure.
    Build integrations for platforms
like Shopify, Squarespace etc.
    Be exposed to every level of the
company, working closely with the CEO to meet business goals and working off
customer feedback.
   Required Skills and Qualifications
    3+ years of professional Frontend
Development experience.
    You have a strong background in
computer science with a degree in CS or a related field.
    Proficient with React and ideally
    A solid understanding of how to
deliver complex frontend applications considering modularity, performance,
accessibility, and scale.
    Solid understanding of
application performance, and designing low latency, high-speed web
    Solid understanding of HTML, CSS,
Javascript ES6
    Attention to the details when
implementing UI mockups made by our designers
    Experience interacting with 3rd
party APIs (analytics, data collection using forms, etc.).
    Experience building public-facing
websites that work elegantly across commonly used browsers
    Experience in TDD techniques
& Continuous Integration
   Here’s why you’ll love working
with us:
    We are fully remote and our team
members work flexibly.
    We always encourage our team
members to take initiative. They set their own tasks & deadlines.
    Just like our AI writing
assistant, we too, work in a fast-paced environment.
    You’ll get ample space to
showcase your creativity & experiment.
    We believe in working together
instead of following a long chain of command.
   Our CultureWritesonic is not a
suitable fit for everyone, and that’s OK.We are looking for energetic and
driven individuals with a founder mindset who are passionate about building a
product that will change thousands of lives for the better and work hard to
achieve their goals.Here are some of the traits we look for in a potential
Writesonic team member:Egoless – At Writesonic, we are trying things that we
have never done before every single day – sometimes they work, sometimes they
don’t. If you want to be successful here, you need to embrace the feeling of
‘being a beginner’ and be willing to accept feedback.Less Talk; More Action
— We at Writesonic don’t just talk; we work hard. We are not a great match
if you have a lot of ideas, but don’t implement them.Prioritize aggressively
– We’re hiring people who are capable of making the right strategic decisions
about their time.If you like the sound of our environment and you’re
passionate about joining a team like the one we’ve described, we’d love to
             I’m interested