Senior Software Engineer in Test 

October 13, 2022

Job Description

Job Description  
  This is a remote
    You’ll develop new tests and
tools for our frontend, backend APIs and services, and low-level systems like
CI/CD, and load balancing.
    You’ll identify and drive the
adoption of best practices in code health, testing, testability, and
    You’ll work with engineers to
define and implement mechanisms to inject testing earlier into the software
development process.
    You’ll configure automated tests
to execute reliably and efficiently in our CI/CD environments.
    You’ll work 1:1 with a Product
Manager, and with the wider engineering team to understand how new features
should be tested and to contribute to automated tests for these new features
    You’ll be responsible for baking
in a culture of quality and shifting test automation left in the
cross-functional team you’re a part of.
    You’ll focus on setting up and
expanding our existing test automation frameworks and test coverage across a
range of configurations.
    You’ll lead our test automation
    Bachelor’s degree in Computer
Science and at least 4 years of experience in test automation tools.
     At least 2 years of Cypress test
automation, BDD-Python-Selenium.
     You’ve got experience developing
and testing Python backends and JavaScript (ideally React) frontends.
     You’ve got a working knowledge
of Docker.
     You’ve worked with
industry-standard CI tools like Github Actions, GitLab CI, etc.
     You’re comfortable with
Selenium-based test automation tools as well as tools like Cypress.
     You’ve got experience with Git
and its command line.
     You’re interested in growing
your knowledge and skills in Test Environment Provisioning and Configuring
(Terraform, Ansible, Kubernetes, GCP / AWS).
     You know about clean code and
the test pyramid, and champion these concepts.
     You’ll thrive in an environment
where self-learning and self-service are encouraged and instilled as a part
of our culture.
    Our Technology
     NextJs/React with Redux
     Python (FastAPI)
     Kubernetes for deployment and
             I’m interested