Unclaimed Prescription Hospital Pharmacy Policy

Definitions used in pharmacy “unclaimed prescriptions” policy:

  1. Unclaimed Prescription: Outpatient prescription, which is not picked up by the patient after three (3) working days.
  2. Critical Medications: A defined list medications determined by Pharmacy where interrupted therapy should be avoided.

Purpose of pharmacy “unclaimed prescriptions” policy:

To notify and/or remind patients of the need to claim “critical” medications to prevent interruption in therapy.

Pharmacy “unclaimed prescriptions” policy

Unclaimed medication should be reviewed by license pharmacist at regular basis to ensure all patients are receiving their medication.

Procedures and responsibilities detailed in “unclaimed prescriptions” policy:

  • Pharmacist shall screen all unclaimed prescriptions for any critical medication.
  • Pharmacist should contact the patient via telephone and ask him/her to pickup his medication and inform the treating physician immediately if patient cannot be contacted.
  • Pharmacist shall inform the physician if the patient did not come during two additional working days.
  • Treating physician should document in the patient’s medication profile that medication was not claimed.


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