Using of Formulary Drugs for Unapproved Indication

Using of Formulary Drugs for Unapproved Indication

The following paragraphs will be included in the previous policy on how to initiate a hospital formulary regarding the utilization of any medication outside its usual approved use.

Unapproved indication can be considered if all therapeutic alternatives have failed and the physician believes that the use of formulary drug for an unproved indication may be the hope of the treatment for that patient.

A prior approval is required to use such drug on compassionate ground for particular patient by filling the request for single patient use of formulary drug for an unapproved indication (refer to attachment)

Those unapproved medications should be detected in well recognized territory medical reference e.g., text book by well recognized organization.

Unapproved indication drug request form should be completed and submitted to pharmacy supervisor before dispensing the drug.

The P&T committee should review and approved such orders and follow-up proper utilization.

The treating physician shall submit the form to P&T committee for approval. Each time she or he want to prescribe any formulary drug for unapproved indication for every individual case.

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